Peking to Paris – 2013

John Bell and Rod Wade navigate their way out of Beijing (Peking) on the 28th May 2013 in a 1930’s Ford Model A, (car number 18 in the vintage cars 1920 – 1931 section) as part of the 5th Peking to Paris Endurance Rally.  For 33 days they will endure all nature throws at them on a track blazed by the most intrepid of adventurers before them.

Driving in the tracks of history

Since the early pioneers first drove Peking to Paris in 1907 the ERA has organised three further editions of this remarkable event. The Peking to Paris is the longest and toughest challenge anyone can drive in a vintage or classic car.

On 28 May 2013, the flag will fall at the start of the next Peking to Paris Motor Challenge… it will be the start of a remarkable adventure… the chance to explore your powers of resolve and the extent of your human spirit. Ahead will be thirty-three days of living an extraordinary adventure driving through some of the remotest places on earth.

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