The Williams Series

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JOHN BELL BOOKS is proud to announce that PAYBACK, PURI PURI & MELTED WAX, from John Bell’s Williams Family series have been released on Amazon.


In 2008, author John Bell released his thrilling first novel Payback, a generational saga of two fictional families and their decades-long blood feud.  A sequel to Payback has been much anticipated by many readers held enthralled by the untamed lives of the four Williams brothers who were as wild as their adopted country, Papua New Guinea, and who imbued with the ancient tribal custom of payback.

In the sequel, Puri Puri, we meet the next generation.  Again written in the author’s fast paced, action-adventure style, we discover more truths … or, is it all simply tribal lore … the story leaves you needing to know more.

Melted Wax … third book in the series, brings the story, and the Williams family to the Australian shores.  Set in the late 1960’s we ride the wave of ambition, greed, lust, success and the great fall.  A genuinely compelling read.

As with Payback, Puri Puri and Melted Wax are based on true stories.




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